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There are numerous operators in the gold IRA sector. An assessment of their suitability should be based on the specific intentions of the investor. Potential investors should also remember that these companies generate income by attracting other peoples’ money into their businesses. The customer is therefore of primary importance in the industry and any firm who does not recognize that fact, or gives the impression that they do not appreciate the central position of the customer in their business, should be avoided. Without the customer’s money, these companies are about as useful as a library with no books.

This is the fundamental principle to apply in examining reviews of these enterprises. There reviews should also contain adequate information on the past successes of the enterprise, in addition to a comprehensive and intelligible overview of what strategies they pursue. Statistics should be readily available. Other information, such as fee structures and industry affiliations, should not be hidden. Lastly, the legislated administrative requirements, such as IRS licensing, should be confirmed as a matter of course.
Sometimes, reviews of the same company contain conflicting opinions. Investment is not an exact science and is partially the territory of personal choice, based on such factors as professional experience or individual financial aspirations. Customers should try to select a custodian who has the same perspective on the market as they do or the same priorities in financial management.

A firm who supply advice that the customer is not comfortable with or which does not make sense to them should not be used. This is not to say that the advice is necessarily suspect or incompetent. It may merely be incompatible with the investor’s subjective outlook or investment aims. This is also why the same company might have both decidedly positive and disastrously negative reviews.

Best IRA Companies We Reviewed

is an international investment firm, and one of the largest in the world. With a total AUM of more than $1.5 trillion, this company represents a very safe option for those who are seeking maximum industry stability. With such an extensive client base and range of services, Fidelity is obvious option for those who lack financial expertise and who would rather make a safe investment than experiment with the smaller, more adventurous operators. The latter may offer higher returns or more creative fee structures, but they cannot substantiate their strategies with a trillion dollars in deposited funds or a staff complement of more than 40 000 employees.
A company of the size and reputation of Fidelity also has tremendous sway in the industry. They are always taken seriously and they can approach any other role-player on an even or superior footing. Admittedly, investments do go sour sometimes, but Fidelity have the stature and the reserves to absorb that occurrence without jeopardizing the interests of their other customers.
regal assets gold ira



are precious metal IRA specialists. They do not charge any initial fees and their annual premium is supposed to be lower than that of other enterprises. They assist their customers with IRA initiation and rollovers. They have extensive industry affiliations and one of the highest market ratings in the precious metals IRA sector. They have operations in the USA and England. For more details Click Here


specializes in precious metal investment. Established in 2008, they have harnessed the potential of precious metals to survive recessionary circumstances. The phenomenal success of gold in recent times is a part of that. However, they are a newer operator in the sector, and this may be why they store invested metal in bulk deposits.

handles precious metals and also coins. They have over 50 years of experience in the industry and they are able to advise their customers, whether investors or collectors, on how to manage the process. Unfortunately, the company has been associated with allegations of excessive pricing, as well as public litigation. Prices are not easy to determine conclusively in the coin trade so this accusation may or may not have substance.

Merit Gold & Silver

Is an example of a firm which has been subjected to both glowing adulation and scathing attacks. The objective situation at the moment, however, is that they are the target of legal action in Santa Monica, in pursuit of Injunctive relief and financial penalties. Investors should take time to do proper homework on this option (as they should anyway).

Gold IRA Company

Is a niche operator that focuses on precious metal investment and IRA rollovers. They also manage numismatic transactions. In business since 1997, they are an option for those who do not set so much store by reputation or long-term traditional success, and are rather prepared to invest with a relatively newer enterprise (this applies to Rosland Capital as well).

Birch Gold Group

Has an established record of financial success, but there are two issues which may deter potential clients. Firstly, its owner is a role-player in the 201C adult and 201D; sector of the economy, so on an ethical basis people will have to draw their own conclusions. Secondly, the firm promotes the trade in coins as an integral part of its business model. Coins are not as secure as precious metals and this may be a source of concern to those who do not wish to invest in numismatic alternatives.

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Overall Best Rated Company

No matter how the investor wants to structure their IRA, or who they choose to manage it, retirement investment is one of the most important financial transactions that most people ever engage in, not least to due its significance in their lives and its sheer size in monetary terms. The stress and uncertainty of administering one’s entire fortune, and of entrusting it to an outside party, is immense. Their accommodation, private transport and material quality of life all depend on the success of this process.
That is why choosing the right investment avenue, such as gold, and then finding the best gold IRA custodian, is so important. Past success, expertise and customer service are all germane to the choice of the right IRA administrator. Investors should try to identify the companies who show sincere concern for their situation and who convey the impression that they appreciate how serious the investment decision is.

Maturity of opinion and courtesy in communication are two innate qualities of the best gold IRA companies. Your gold IRA custodian should be someone you can leave your wallet or keys with, and this is not merely a metaphor.

Gold IRA Rollover Companies We Reviewed

1) Fidelity

2) Regal Assets

2) Birch Gold

3) Roseland Capital

4) Gold Line

5)  Merit Gold

6)  Lear Capital

7) Birch Gold Group


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Gold Ira Companies

Best Gold Ira Company

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