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I have created this website to reveal to you the most sensible and profitable way  to get started with your Investment in gold. I have in fact been reviewing companies in the Gold IRA Niche for the last 2 years and if you would like some beneficial  financial investment help and advice and the background to me developing this site and exactly how I believe you will truly of get the most profitable advice from it, kindly give your best undivided attention to the information and web links provided.

What You Need To Know Before Starting Your Investment Rollover Plan

Introduction People have an exceptionally strong attachment to their retirement money. It is almost as if their sensory nervous system extends into their cash and their bank accounts. So, trusting someone else with that money is extremely difficult for some of us, and is a decision that is not taken lightly or without significant psychological upheaval.

The experience that one has when a wallet or car keys are accidentally left in a public place is an illustration of how financial security causes powerful emotional satisfaction or trauma.

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Sometimes, however, it is impossible to avoid entrusting a third party with the safekeeping or investment of money. As an example, it is hard to find someone who does not have a bank account nowadays. Banks, though, are seen as relatively more secure. But other people have reached a situation in their lives where they require more than the mere retention of their wealth. They need their money to generate an income, usually a passive one, and most of them do not have the expertise to arrange that themselves.

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The prime example of such people is the pensioner. These are people who have worked hard for many years and who, in some cases, are no longer able to be employed. Their entire financial welfare is based on the returns from their pension investments. Precarious markets, sophisticated financial systems and a lack of financial education make it impossible for them to manage their own pension finances. That is why they rely on investment firms to institute and maintain their Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA.

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Within the system, different investment or asset focuses are allowed. There are various options when it comes to deciding on what to invest in. The range of financial instruments, unit trusts, shares and schemes on the market is immense, and requires cautious assessment by someone with the necessary skills. Precious metals are another possibility, and in some ways they are more suited to the type of investment strategy that pensioners usually pursue. For those who are considering precious metals as the solution to their retirement income dilemma, finding the best gold IRA companies is a matter of diligent homework and understanding some basic issues in this sector of the investment industry.

Starting Your Investment

The advantages of investing in gold It is an established principle of sound investment practice that people should diversify their investments, or spread them over a variety of asset types and financial instruments, or even put some of their money offshore. The IRS is aware of this principle, and therefore allows retirement investors to dedicate their savings to precious metals, such as gold or platinum. There are several advantages in taking this option.

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1. Gold is a durable asset. That is to say, it is physically existent and its does not deteriorate over time. Intangible assets, or those which exist only on paper, are subject to termination, since they are more precarious in nature. Examples are shares in a company or other financial instruments. Gold has a reputation as a metal that does not rust or corrode, so it can be stored for centuries without being destroyed.

2. Gold is always in demand. Despite being a precious metal, gold has its various industrial uses too. Among others, it is used as reflective plating on equipment that is sent into space, and also as a transparent protective shield on the cockpit windows of aircraft. As a globally traded commodity, it has an international market. Its acquisition, storage and re-sale are therefore extremely easy and are safeguarded by national authorities and legislation.

3. Gold yields good returns. The price of a commodity fluctuates, sometimes alarmingly. However, gold has shown a stable or upward price profile for several years now. Since the international recession that started in 2008, gold has become more expensive and now trades at approximately $1200 per ounce. It has increased in price by about $300 in the last six years. It does not, however, usually display sharp drops in price, which is why it is traditionally seen as a safe or reliable investment option.

Inflation is linked to this point. Other assets depreciate. Sometimes, financial instruments are partially or almost entirely destroyed in a short space of time. There is nothing that the investor can do to prevent this from happening. Paper money, too, steadily loses its purchasing power. It can be endlessly minted to replenish or increase its availability in the economy. At present, there is more than $1 trillion in paper money in circulation. Gold, on the other hand, is a finite resource and cannot be manufactured or have its supply artificially increased. Its price either matches or exceeds inflationary pressure.

4. Gold has no opinion. Despite possible political issues relating to its supply by foreign countries, gold is relatively more independent of social-political pressures than other investment strategies.

5. Gold is not literate. The prime interest rate, as determined by the Federal Reserve from time to time, has a massive impact on the economy and investor decisions. People sometimes lose a sizable proportion of their investment due to a mistaken interpretation of the market or poor financial advice. Gold is not exposed to this threat because it is not associated with the prime rate or the entire interdependent economic complex that stems from the decisions and announcements of the Reserve Bank governor. It is much more simple to invest in.

The primary principle in investment, namely that of the direct proportion between risk and return (more risk enables more return), also applies to gold. Pensioners usually seek stable returns and less risk, even if they make less money like that, because they are using the investment to support themselves. Gold is regarded as a secure and stable investment and one which should be used in times of uncertainty or where a long-term, reliable strategy is required without the emphasis on exceptionally high returns.
A gold IRA is therefore an interesting prospect for those about to retire, or who want to switch their existing  account to another strategy.


The IRA is an established option in the present pension investment regime. Pensioners may initiate it at the outset of their retirement or perform a rollover or conversion, from their existing arrangement, such as their Roth or 401K. The companies who assist them with this process are known as its custodians, and choosing the right custodian is an important step in ensuring the success of the Account and general peace of mind.
When investing in gold, one makes use of a custodian. These are usually banks or brokerages. Sometimes the enterprise that offers the IRA is not the one who takes the role of the custodian, and they may outsource the function to a third party. This is partly because, in the case of precious metal investments, there is a physical asset (the Gold  metal) that has to be stored safely. It is possible, then, that the investment firm will make use of a third party to do so, and also to manage other eventualities associated with the Account. However, it is the investor who instructs the custodian on what metal to invest in, how much of it, and when. The custodian merely follows the orders of the investor.

Needless to say, like any other operator in the financial services sector the custodian charges a fee for the services that they provide. The exact nature and extent of the fee varies from one business to another. There may or may not be an initial setup fee, and then there is also sometimes an annual maintenance charge. Auxiliary services, such as tax advice or administration, might be provided at the customer’s expense too.
Selecting a custodian can be a daunting task, especially for those who are new to the investment sector or who have limited experience in dealing with financial matters. There are several factors that should be taken into consideration in assessing the best Gold  custodians.

1. Industry performance

It is important to examine how the company has performed in the past. This involves looking at the success (or failure) of the investments that they administer, the length of time for which they have been in existence, their total size financially (their asset base together with the entire sum of the investments that they manage 2013; assets under management or AUM), and their reputation with industry monitors such as the Better Business Bureau or the BCA (Business Consumers Association).

2. Customer service.

This is absolutely critical in financial services. The responsibility of managing other peoples’ money should involve the necessary sensitivity to the nature of that task. Besides the innate psychological connection that people have with their money, as described in the introduction, many pensioners rely solely on their IRA to support themselves. They should only use a custodian who shows the required respect for them and their situation. Questions like how easy the company is to communicate with, how readily they take the time to explain complex investment issues to the customer, and how understandable their paperwork is, should be asked. In evaluating customer service, it is also essential analyze the customer profile of the company. Who do they usually deal with? What type of person in what financial position invests with this company?

3. Flexibility

Customer service is related to how responsive the custodian is to the customer’s instructions. It is the latter’s money in the investment, so they should be able to regulate their IRA at all times. The custodian should therefore be flexible in managing and also respond immediately to any inquiries or instructions from the account holder.

4. Fees and commissions

These should be assessed very carefully. Sometimes, the amount to be invested is relatively small, and inordinate fees can absorb most of or the entire return in the short term. Trying to get the lowest fees, on the other hand, can distort the selection process in that no firm is going to administer the Individual Retirement Account for free, so putting too much emphasis on this factor can result in a poor choice of custodian.

5. Storage of the metal.

Gold and other precious metals are an obvious target for theft. They are high-value assets and require above-average security measures, both in their storage and transport. This is possibly why the government taxes people who try to store the metals themselves. Those who do so are acquiring the risk of burglary or armed robbery. There are operators in the industry who are able to keep such assets safe, so as a matter of course one should ask the custodian who they use and on what basis they use them. One issue of particular importance is the ease with which the metal can be retrieved from its storage, and the rate at which the custodian will buy it back if the investment is terminated.

Choosing the right custodian should entail careful deliberation of the salient issues. It isn’t easy to entrust one’s money with someone else, so making sure that the most appropriate investment option has been taken is part of sound financial discipline.
IRA rollover and rules As mentioned previously, a rollover is the process whereby people with existing pension arrangements change to an IRA scheme, or shift to a different type of Individual Retirement Account. The process is regulated by law and is subject to specific and detailed requirements. Generally speaking, there are three types of rollover:

1. Direct. A distribution from a retirement plan is deposited into an IRA or another retirement plan.

2. 60 day. The same as 1. above, except that the distribution is paid directly to the person who holds the plan or Gold IRA; they then have up to 60 days to put the money into another IRA or plan. NB: this option is subject to taxation.

3. Trustee to trustee. When an IRA renders a distribution, the holder can request that their custodian transfers the sum to another IRA.
More specifically, IRAs have certain unique characteristics which need to be understood during the rollover phase. These are regulated by industry rules.
The first one is that the investment is based on a precious metal, which is a physical asset. Not only that, the metal is present on the market in a diversity of forms.
The primary form of gold is as bullion, or bars. However, it is used in jewelery and some industrial applications. Then there are coins, and the coin or numismatic sector is an established sub-industry all to itself.
The correct form to invest in is a matter of disagreement in the industry. Gold bars are heavy and require more security to transport and store. Apparently, they are easier to counterfeit too. Coins, on the other hand, are sometimes associated with under-the-radar operators or fraudulent activities. The price of coins is controversial. As rare or collector’s items they cannot be always be purchased or sold without their price some raising suspicion or negative sentiment. Only USA minted coins are allowed in an IRA, and as to the bullion, there are restrictions too.

The most important measure to take is to ensure that the gold or coins have been approved by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As such, it is the investor who has the authority to instruct the custodian what form of the metal to purchase. The custodian, for their part, should outline the suitability, or otherwise, of the customer’s wishes. This is in keeping the status of a gold Individual Retirement Account as a self-directed, or customer controlled, IRA.

Starting up the IRA necessitates the initial purchase of the metal. The customer’s existing precious metal assets are not allowed to be deposited into the IRA. The Account must be funded entirely with their cash. As stated before, the investor is prohibited from storing the metal independently. If they wish to oppose this third party storage and keep the precious metal somewhere themselves, they should realize that the independent storage of the metal is seen as a distribution from the Account and it therefore attracts tax consequences.

Those who view this limitation on storage as irksome or a threat to their privacy should remember that their pension investment represents their financial security and that their safety, as well as the peace of the community, requires appropriate storage of valuable assets. They should also be reassured by the fact that they are allowed to decide on the storage provider themselves.
The rollover process may be extremely stressful for many people. Transferring enormous amounts of their money, sometimes their entire financial estates, is not something that they are accustomed to doing, since it only happens once or twice in their entire lives. The custodian is there to ensure the smooth and safe progress of the rollover and to provide the professional and emotional support that their customer may require.
At the same time, the rules pertaining to gold Individual Retirement Account are there to maintain the security of the investment and protect the investor (and custodian) from untrustworthy operators in the industry and malicious elements in society at large.


The fidelity of an investment is essential to its sustainability and the contentment of the investor. Government authorities recognize this issue, and they have instituted measures to ensure that it is covered by IRA arrangements.
The most important question to ask is as to whether the custodian is registered with the IRS. This is mandatory in the industry. The custodian should have an IRS license to do business. They should also meet the requirements that the IRS has legislated. These can be perused in IRS publication 590. An institution that has a license may not always comply with all of the requirements, which is why it is so necessary to research possible custodians before choosing one. Secondly, the custodian should be insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). Usually, IRA custodians cannot be licensed by the IRS if they are not insured in this way. However, there are those who are not.

Here Are Some Of The Leading Company Reviews

There are numerous operators in the gold sector. An assessment of their suitability should be based on the specific intentions of the investor. Potential investors should also remember that these companies generate income by attracting other peoples’ money into their businesses. The customer is therefore of primary importance in the industry and any firm who does not recognize that fact, or gives the impression that they do not appreciate the central position of the customer in their business, should be avoided. Without the customer’s money, these companies are about as useful as a library with no books.

This is the fundamental principle to apply in examining reviews of these enterprises. There reviews should also contain adequate information on the past successes of the enterprise, in addition to a comprehensive and intelligible overview of what strategies they pursue. Statistics should be readily available. Other information, such as fee structures and industry affiliations, should not be hidden. Lastly, the legislated administrative requirements, such as IRS licensing, should be confirmed as a matter of course.
Sometimes, reviews of the same company contain conflicting opinions. Investment is not an exact science and is partially the territory of personal choice, based on such factors as professional experience or individual financial aspirations. Customers should try to select a custodian who has the same perspective on the market as they do or the same priorities in financial management.

A firm who supply advice that the customer is not comfortable with or which does not make sense to them should not be used. This is not to say that the advice is necessarily suspect or incompetent. It may merely be incompatible with the investor’s subjective outlook or investment aims. This is also why the same company might have both decidedly positive and disastrously negative reviews.

Best Companies We Reviewed

Silver IRA Investment

Chester Accountant


is an international investment firm, and one of the largest in the world. With a total AUM of more than $1.5 trillion, this company represents a very safe option for those who are seeking maximum industry stability. With such an extensive client base and range of services, Fidelity is obvious option for those who lack financial expertise and who would rather make a safe investment than experiment with the smaller, more adventurous operators. The latter may offer higher returns or more creative fee structures, but they cannot substantiate their strategies with a trillion dollars in deposited funds or a staff complement of more than 40 000 employees.
A company of the size and reputation of Fidelity also has tremendous sway in the industry. They are always taken seriously and they can approach any other role-player on an even or superior footing. Admittedly, investments do go sour sometimes, but Fidelity have the stature and the reserves to absorb that occurrence without jeopardizing the interests of their other customers.
regal assets gold ira

Steve Maitland

are precious metal IRA specialists. They do not charge any initial fees and their annual premium is supposed to be lower than that of other enterprises. They assist their customers with IRA initiation and rollovers. They have extensive industry affiliations and one of the highest market ratings in the precious metals IRA sector. They have operations in the USA and England. For more details Click Here

Gold Line investments


handles precious metals and also coins. They have over 50 years of experience in the industry and they are able to advise their customers, whether investors or collectors, on how to manage the process. Unfortunately, the company has been associated with allegations of excessive pricing, as well as public litigation. Prices are not easy to determine conclusively in the coin trade so this accusation may or may not have substance.


Merit Gold & Silver


Is an example of a firm which has been subjected to both glowing adulation and scathing attacks. The objective situation at the moment, however, is that they are the target of legal action in Santa Monica, in pursuit of Injunctive relief and financial penalties. Investors should take time to do proper homework on this option (as they should anyway).

Lear capital


Is a niche operator that focuses on precious metal investment and IRA rollovers. They also manage numismatic transactions. In business since 1997, they are an option for those who do not set so much store by reputation or long-term traditional success, and are rather prepared to invest with a relatively newer enterprise (this applies to Rosland Capital as well).

Birch Gold Group Gold Ira

BullionHas an established record of financial success, but there are two issues which may deter potential clients. Firstly, its owner is a role-player in the 201C adult and 201D; sector of the economy, so on an ethical basis people will have to draw their own conclusions. Secondly, the firm promotes the trade in coins as an integral part of its business model. Coins are not as secure as precious metals and this may be a source of concern to those who do not wish to invest in numismatic alternatives.

For More Reviews Click Here

Overall Best Rated Company

No matter how the investor wants to structure their IRA, or who they choose to manage it, retirement investment is one of the most important financial transactions that most people ever engage in, not least to due its significance in their lives and its sheer size in monetary terms. The stress and uncertainty of administering one’s entire fortune, and of entrusting it to an outside party, is immense. Their accommodation, private transport and material quality of life all depend on the success of this process.
That is why choosing the right investment avenue, such as gold, and then finding the best gold IRA custodian, is so important. Past success, expertise and customer service are all germane to the choice of the right IRA administrator. Investors should try to identify the companies who show sincere concern for their situation and who convey the impression that they appreciate how serious the investment decision is.

Maturity of opinion and courtesy in communication are two innate qualities of the best IRA companies. Your gold IRA custodian should be someone you can leave your wallet or keys with, and this is not merely a metaphor.

Gold IRA Rollover Companies We Reviewed

1) Fidelity

2) Regal Assets

2) Birch Gold

3) Roseland Capital

4) Gold Line

5)  Merit Gold

6)  Lear Capital

7) Birch Gold Group



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